the jetset is the only way to go

TAKEN ROLE: Alaska Quinn


Alaska Quinn|16|Pureblood|Heterosexual|Hufflepuff

Alaska has always been extremely outgoing. It wasn’t so much a personality choice as a necessity at first. Her parents never wanted to stay in one place, and as she travelled the world, she learned that the only way she’d successfully stay sane was to be as utterly cheerful and approachable. When you barely had time to make friends, you couldn’t really be picky. 

But it wasn’t like she minded. She like the travelling, especially liked the perspective it gave her about the world. But part of her wanted to stay put, and so once her parents decided on Hogwarts as the next school in a long line of education, she’d begged them to let her live out her final year and a half of schooling there. Hesitantly, they obliged, only wanting to make their daughter happy. Clueless about anything long term and a master at literal conflict avoidance, Alaska has to learn how not to run, but instead to stay and stick things out. Will she survive the change in lifestyle, or will she end up begging her parents to let her pack up and leave again?